MOJO BLIZZARD playing Stoner Rock. Period.

The musical background from each bandmember couldn't have been more differ. At the frontline, singer Nicolaj Ruhnow who was getting into the biz with bands like TOKYO BLADE, IRONY and NICK HELLFORT on vocals. His longtime fellow Denis Keller on guitar, who's mainly creating the musical style of MOJO BLIZZARD, as Stoner Rock always have been his stylistic homebase. Completed with Nino Hofmann on bass and Mauro Welfens on drums, known from their activities with REZEPTFREI, MOJO BLIZZARD unfold their immense potential.

Of course, c-tuning is definately the core of their style. Fuzz-Sounds, spacy Flange-Effects, and distorted metallike soli-sounds creating all the needed power. Bassguitar and Drums combining a inseparable unit, a driving force. The versaitle and intensive drumming is leaving enough space for some tasty bassleads. On top very expressive vocals: falsetto, raging grunting raspy parts as well as some soft and light tender moments with tons of feeling inside. An evil combination of Black Sabbath meets Pinks Floyd meets QOTSA, meets Iron Maiden. Definition: impossible! it's just MOJO BLIZZARD.

From 2018 till 2019 the band worked their arses off for a perfect live-set. All songs have been created as a democratic five piece collective. Each bandmember putted all their efforts into the songs and it took the band only one year to write ten amazing and unique tracks. MOJO BLIZZARD entered the stage the first time in autumn 2019. Straight after their first stunning experience at a sold-out venue, they decided to enter the recording studio „Abenteuerland“ to record their first masterpiece „LOST IN SPACE II“ in a absolut live-manner. In the meanwhile tons off other venues called for that insane liveband MOJO BLIZZARD! Things turned out fantastic, and the band signed a recorddeal with Bluebird Records and Radar Music. More amazing things crossed their way as they have been nominated to present their liverecorded video at the London Video Award in 2020. And then: COVID 19. But we will never give up, as this is our life!

Dennis Keller – (Guitar),
Frank Hallok – (Guitar),
Nino Hofmann – (Bass),
Mauro Welfens – (Drums),
Nicolaj Ruhnow – (Vocals).